Easter 2015- and some silk dyed eggs

So I wanted to do one fun egg project for Easter and went to the thrift store to pick up some silk ties since it seems everyone on Pinterest is doing silk dyed eggs (and they looked really pretty)

picked up these beautiesIMG_1606

Seriously they were really pretty ties- if girls could wear ties I’d do it

blew out all of my eggs- which was actually the total highlight of the project since egg blowing is pretty fun!


bought the kit from Amazon


eggs ready to go


wrapped them up tight with the inside of the ties and other extra fabric and rubber bands and boiled them in a crockpot with vinegar

so this is maybe where I steered off course- I let them boil for maybe an hour and then I undid them when they came out of the crockpot immediately- I think if I did it again I would boil them for less time and then take the eggs out and let them cool before removing the wrapping-

They still turned out ok though and it was a REALLY easy egg dying process!

here are the finished eggs!


close ups 🙂




and then we ate!


mi madre’s pretty table setting


lots of sweets 🙂


coconut cake


and paella my FAVORITE



These cuties


had a wonderful Easter!

also wonderful feeling to wake up to Lindsey from Better After talking about my dining/living room makeover- love her blog!



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