So it’s been a while!

Well a lot has changed since I last posted! Biggest change is that I’m now almost 17 weeks preggy!! We are so excited and can’t wait to find out the gender soon!!!

Pic above from when I told the hubby 🙂 also had sweaters that said “Big sis” and “Big bro” for the dogs-  

Was so excited to announce! Our Facebook one had the message over this photo – 

So that’s pretty big and also other big occurrences include

1. Quitting my oil/gas job in August and loving it!

2. Looking at houses but then deciding to wait a little-in no rush to have to pack all our (mainly my) stuuuuff..

3. Buying a liquidated art gallery and “attempting” to sell all the pieces at some point in my life before old age gets me 🙂

4. Going on tons of fun trips last year (including Vermont, Japan, New Mexico, Arizona, NYC and more) and more this year! Just got back from Portugal and Spain and will post about that because it was so beautiful-

5. Oh and turning 30!! My amazing husband threw me the most wonderful party- I felt so loved and blessed by him and my friends/family- it was awesome

Pic of baby (had to get an ultrasound because my sisters hair straightener electrocuted me in Portugal..and then after the ultrasound they told me I had the flu so yay..)

Such a cutie!


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