All of my dolls part 2

So here’s another box opening of Mrs. White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland by Maryna Skubenko

Beautiful wooden box and she also makes the cutest little boxes out of bright paper

Accessories including two beautiful wigs

So pretty!

Love her with the long blond wig

So cute- beautiful face!

And the mask is awesome!!

Hi pretty girl!!


All of my dolls part 1

So for some reason I have a million dolls now and I don’t know exactly how it happened haha 😜 let’s start with opening the box of my newest doll Alice in Wonderland by Maryna Skubenko

Prettiest box ever and can’t wait to see what’s inside!

Hello world!

Yay all dressed and ready to meet the other dolls! Blond wig is so pretty!

But also kind of loving brown wig- she’s got her drink me bottle, white rabbit and sign and looks adorable~

Easter 2015- and some silk dyed eggs

So I wanted to do one fun egg project for Easter and went to the thrift store to pick up some silk ties since it seems everyone on Pinterest is doing silk dyed eggs (and they looked really pretty)

picked up these beautiesIMG_1606

Seriously they were really pretty ties- if girls could wear ties I’d do it

blew out all of my eggs- which was actually the total highlight of the project since egg blowing is pretty fun!


bought the kit from Amazon


eggs ready to go


wrapped them up tight with the inside of the ties and other extra fabric and rubber bands and boiled them in a crockpot with vinegar

so this is maybe where I steered off course- I let them boil for maybe an hour and then I undid them when they came out of the crockpot immediately- I think if I did it again I would boil them for less time and then take the eggs out and let them cool before removing the wrapping-

They still turned out ok though and it was a REALLY easy egg dying process!

here are the finished eggs!


close ups 🙂




and then we ate!


mi madre’s pretty table setting


lots of sweets 🙂


coconut cake


and paella my FAVORITE



These cuties


had a wonderful Easter!

also wonderful feeling to wake up to Lindsey from Better After talking about my dining/living room makeover- love her blog!


February Catch Up- Gender Reveal Party

Had a gender reveal party for my BFF 🙂 Mardi Gras style


Mustache and Lips straws


Kings Cake with the baby inside!


Salata salads with appetizers-


Love this geometric vase that my mom got from Wisteria


I got the baby!


And it’s a BOY!!!


Had fun celebrating Valentines with this cutie in Fort Worth 🙂


Enjoyed the Reata rooftop bar


and Brewed was awesome-love their decor and food

IMG_1350  Happy Chinese New Year!


Miami, Vegas, ACL, Wedding, 29th BDay, NYC (Fall 2014)

So these past weekends have been pretty eventful, amazing and exhausting! We went to Austin City Limits with my sisters/husbands and dear friends, traveled to Austin again to be in a beautiful wedding, went to New York City to celebrate one of Moky’s friends birthdays/he also beat cancer this year!!, squeezed in a trip to Vegas, I went on a bachelorette trip to Miami and also celebrated turning 29! Phew just typing that all out made me realize that we accomplished/attempted quite a bit this September/October- Fun times abounded- loved all of the good times and (hazy) memories 🙂


my sis looking gorg at ACL


people for miles (maybe too many people…)


my wonderful friend and her husband- had such a fun time celebrating their wedding at the beautiful Villa Antonia!


Wonderful moment my friend and I got to share with the bride right before her first look…tear :’)


Birthday celebrations at Nick and Sams– best steak and lobster mac and cheese ever


I really wanted a caricature for my birthday so hired a caricature artist (Suzworks)to come to the house- best decision ever-we had such a fun time with the pictures!

Tessa was a good doggie model 🙂




gorgeous manhattan skyline-view from our friends balcony where we stayed


stud muffin


pretty decorations at a coffee shop called SweetLeaf that had the best Chia tea ever- also had an seafood dinner at Wild Edibles that was amazingly fresh tasting

hung out in K-Town for some Turntable Chicken

also had fun playing ping pong at Fat Cat 


all in all busy and fun- lots/too much good food (probably too much Fireball) and good conversations-ready for some down time now

Moky put up with me for another year (Anniversary Year 2!)

This is late because I wrote it and then saved it and forgot to post it on my anniversary- but it’s 100% true and I wanted to share 🙂 Love you babe! 30 reasons Moky is the BEST!!!


1.  he will be an amazing dad.  Fact.

2. he is an amazing dog dad. even though I brought the dogs into our lives he is the one who makes sure they are walked three times or more a day, fed and watered and in general cared for.  He loves them 🙂

3. he loves trying new restaurants with me- since we both love food we have awesome times going and trying different restaurants around the city.

4. he compromises and watches shows with me like Four Weddings and makes comments about the weddings and what he liked/hated about them 🙂

5. he is an incredible friend.  he is loyal, empathetic, kind, generous, and consistent. he will be the one to keep the friendship alive by actively working to reach out and connect with friends.

6. he is incredibly hot.

7. he is wicked smart.

8. he’s not much of a musician but LOVES music and loves when I play anything- he thinks I’m amazing at the harp and piano 🙂

9. he knows everything there is to know about sports

10. he’s amazing at volleyball- like really good- and basically just started playing not that long ago

11. he’s a great “big brother.” Moky is an only child, but when he married me he married the entire Dillahunty family. We’re still deciding if he’s crazy or brave (maybe a bit of both), but he loves my siblings like I do. I’m the oldest of 7, he hangs out with my brother in laws and brother and will drive to any random sporting event or other event just to show his support.

12. he can cook. enough said.

13. he could kill someone with his bare hands because he’s a Kung Fu genius

14. he supports my fitness goals

15. he has a great laugh and deep voice and people constantly comment that he should be a broadcaster or in radio

16. he constantly tells me he is proud of me

17. he serves others.

18. he loves others.

19. he is loved by others.

20. he’s the one who gets stuff done around the house i.e. dealing with the trash, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, all laundry supplies, etc…/everything

21. he’s photogenic. see first photo.

22. he can do multiple pull ups

23. he likes to learn and he LOVES to teach.

24. he can literally set his mind to do something and then become REALLY good at it-fastest learner I know

25. he’s laid back and relaxed.

26. he works hard.  he is the hardest working person i know. his work ethic is out of this world.

27. he loves me well.

28. he loves Jesus well.

29.  he works hard at his marriage (so yes maybe I’m not the easiest wife ALL the time) 😉

30.  he is super cute when he says he’s “allergic” to cilantro and other food he doesn’t like 😉

January Catch up- Ski Trip and more

So it’s already March! agh! time is flying

So we had the best ski trip ever to Beaver Creek Colorado and here are the pictures to prove it! Also I popped my shoulder out of its socket (called a shoulder subluxation) so that’s more painful proof of my trip 🙂






It was an amazing time!

We also did a flight over Dallas through Delta Charlies which was tons of fun (I did get food poisoning though) but the flight part was Amazing!


Delta Charlies (flight amazing food iffy)


Our more laid back activities have included puzzles 🙂 and eating/drinking 🙂


4D puzzle from


belly and trumpet restaurant in Dallas so good

It’s been a great start to 2014 and I’m excited for what this year has in store!

December Recap- Wedding time!

So December was pretty CRAZY as well! Amazing time with family and friends celebrating a WEDDING! and surviving some deadly ice in the Big D.

First off the WEDDING! It was beautiful and very memorable! Too start off here is the gorgeous bride

three following photos by Sarah Kate photography




and here is her gorgeous invitation that she made by hand-

IMG_1842 copy

and the wedding was amazeballs


Can’t wait to see the professional photos and the video!

here’s a pic of the whole fam

photo by Sarah Kate photography

dilahunty (2)

that weekend we got quite the ice storm and here are some pics from that

IMG_1908 copy

IMG_1909 copy

We also went to the Chinese Lantern festival which was sweet- it’s huge with so many works of ‘lantern’ art- I loved it





and some Chinese acrobats too


Christmas was a family affair- I played the harp for Christmas Eve service and had fun doing that- lots of food, family, friends, ping pong and presents! 


next up Christmas decor!

November recap (a little late) :)

This past November was pretty fun and busy (too busy to blog)! Wedding showers for my sista abounded~


pretty cake!




Opening up presents- we got them a vacuum cleaner! 

then my mom put together a pretty awesome bridesmaid luncheon




lots of yummy food


I love her indoor succulent centerpieces



and we threw a bachelorette party! The main colors we went for were black, gold and pink-used the Silhouette quite a bit-

it turned out great!







ended the night with some amazing karaoke!

We also celebrated our ONE YEAR anniversary- time has truly flown!


seems like yesterday 🙂


handsome hubs took me to the Adolphus and we ate at the French Room which was soooo good


I love the ceilings and the decor is so pretty and french!


One year down- and not to be sappy but it has been the best year of my life so far!


Thanksgiving was awesome with the fam- plenty of food!

started off with the Turkey Trot-soo cold..


onto the warm house with plenty of hot food


Happy thanksgiving!

IMG_1887 copy


next up December recap 🙂 maybe eventually we will get caught up here…

Dining Room Table Centerpiece and other random things

I picked out this cute centerpiece from Etsy and I love it! It was pretty reasonably priced and it looks great on our dining room table-

was wondering though if I have it the right way?

IMG_1395 copy

So I don’t know if it’s supposed to go up in the middle like this example

Etsy Wine Stave-For Sale

but I like the way it looks this way!

IMG_1397 copy

It’s made out of a wine barrel stave

IMG_1404 copy

IMG_1401 copy

IMG_1402 copy

This seller is really great and shipped it to me so quickly~

Now onto the random part of this post 😉

I also put a cake together for a friends birthday and it was tasty!

I bought an angel food cake, cut it in half, put chocolate icing on it and just layered cut up strawberries on the icing and Voila!

IMG_1372 copy

Also Moky got a bike for his birthday so now we match! I/we highly recommend the bikes we have- the Trek bicycle brand has come through for us~

IMG_1331 copy

Nail polish time- had fun putting together this look 🙂


and it matched perfectly with my Stitch Fix #4 shirt (not sure what is going on with my hair in the photo)!

IMG_1389 copy

This Stitch Fix some of the stuff was a little tight… uuuugh need more exercise…. but I did get this green silk shirt out of the deal~

check out my other Stitch fix’s here, here and here

And here’s a gratuitous shot of Tessa 🙂 She’s growing so fast!

IMG_1363 copy