Baby Shower Woodsy Theme

Baby showers are so fun to throw! Also loving doing it in my new home! It’s perfect for entertaining! Also putting a pool in so hopefully it will be a destination spot for parties!

Baby shower for our sweet friend Karen and she had a woodsy camping theme for her nursery so that’s what we went with!

Cute mantle with flowers done by my mom who is awesome at floral arrangement- also I got these cool chairs from Etsy! Asian style chairs Etsy

Haha I do give this Etsy designer a lot of business- she does all my signage for showers and parties!

I feel that consistent signage is so key to a good party! It really sets the tone and this designer is my all time fave so check her out! Signage

Love getting snapchat filters from Etsy for events too! It’s awesome to be able to have people look on Snapchat and find the personalized filter for the party! Snapchat filters Etsy

My bug napkin is by a favorite designer Coral and Tusk

Also love the idea of painting larger kids shirts because you do get a lot of smaller stuff early on and then they grow out of it so fast~ it’s nice to have larger stuff by the time everyone stops giving you clothes for baby haha

Bunny bowl I had already from a vintage collection that I think is so sweet Beatrix Potter bunny bowl

Love using these balloons over my couch! So cute and easy to put up! Balloon words

This ballon arch was a labor of love for sure- took forever but visually so stunning!

Also love the succulent party favors~

This cute tent was done by my same friend Katie who is seriously so talented and creative!

She also did the trail mix bar and sign which is so cute!

Seriously so creative

The shower was perfect and so much fun! Here’s to many more parties and babies!


All of my dolls part 2

So here’s another box opening of Mrs. White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland by Maryna Skubenko

Beautiful wooden box and she also makes the cutest little boxes out of bright paper

Accessories including two beautiful wigs

So pretty!

Love her with the long blond wig

So cute- beautiful face!

And the mask is awesome!!

Hi pretty girl!!

All of my dolls part 1

So for some reason I have a million dolls now and I don’t know exactly how it happened haha 😜 let’s start with opening the box of my newest doll Alice in Wonderland by Maryna Skubenko

Prettiest box ever and can’t wait to see what’s inside!

Hello world!

Yay all dressed and ready to meet the other dolls! Blond wig is so pretty!

But also kind of loving brown wig- she’s got her drink me bottle, white rabbit and sign and looks adorable~

So it’s been a while!

Well a lot has changed since I last posted! Biggest change is that I’m now almost 17 weeks preggy!! We are so excited and can’t wait to find out the gender soon!!!

Pic above from when I told the hubby 🙂 also had sweaters that said “Big sis” and “Big bro” for the dogs-  

Was so excited to announce! Our Facebook one had the message over this photo – 

So that’s pretty big and also other big occurrences include

1. Quitting my oil/gas job in August and loving it!

2. Looking at houses but then deciding to wait a little-in no rush to have to pack all our (mainly my) stuuuuff..

3. Buying a liquidated art gallery and “attempting” to sell all the pieces at some point in my life before old age gets me 🙂

4. Going on tons of fun trips last year (including Vermont, Japan, New Mexico, Arizona, NYC and more) and more this year! Just got back from Portugal and Spain and will post about that because it was so beautiful-

5. Oh and turning 30!! My amazing husband threw me the most wonderful party- I felt so loved and blessed by him and my friends/family- it was awesome

Pic of baby (had to get an ultrasound because my sisters hair straightener electrocuted me in Portugal..and then after the ultrasound they told me I had the flu so yay..)

Such a cutie!

Nicaragua Vacation!

Nicaragua is seriously the most beautiful place ever and we had a blast on our family summer vacation! Flew in with an inexpensive nonstop flight from Dallas to Managua and traveled by rental car from there to hotel Plaza Colon in Granada (I love that I’ve been to Granada Spain and Granada Nicaragua!)


took a horse and carriage tour of the city-there were some awesome old buildings


old hospital- it’s almost like nothing else new was built since the 1800’s-


Also ate some good food (breakfast is where it’s at)

this is called a nacatamal and it was super good

from Granada we went on to our house on the beach which was so fun!


Had amazing waves for surfers (which I am not) those guys are something else out on the waves! I did do some boogie boarding which was fun 🙂

Everyday was ocean, pool, eating amazing food that was hand made by our house staff, golfing, hiking, relaxing and repeat



Unbelievable natural beauty- seriously I want to go back now…


butterflies EVERYWHERE


tons of hermit crabs


we visited the Mukul resort and got some spa time in (hola madre!)- it was amazing


The resort was gorgeous (had the beach -Guacalito de la isla -completely to ourselves) and the guys loved the golf course

There was also an amazing dinner on the beach which had the most AMAZING ribs ever

also had TI sitting at the table next to us which made us feel pretty cool


then we drove over to Leon where we stayed in an old convent turned hotel


seriously cool looking inside


and we went volcano sledding!


it was quite the trek to the top


this was the hardest part of the hike- almost died


and we went sledding down!

it was alot of fun- totally worth the pain of hiking up the volcano- it was also so cool to see a volcano up close! The rocks were still hot to the touch and the volcanic rock was also cool to see in real life-there were even geysers spouting up steam in spots

We had such a blast visiting Nica! Can’t wait to go back some day!

Fun fact: I’m 1/8th Nicaraguan! My great grandfather on my mom’s side traveled to Nicaragua from the USA back when they thought the (now Panama) canal would be built there- He married a local Nicaraguan woman (my great grandmother) and did a lot for the country including designing buildings, advocating for the people of Nicaragua by writing our government letters and running an ice factory (yes they had factories that made ice back in the 1800’s)- a pretty cool dude


Star Wars Baby Shower!

Was so excited to throw a shower for my bestie! I had a Mardi Gras gender reveal party for her in this post

Guests signed the Darth Vader and son children’s book (wish I had read through the book because it looked adorable) from Amazon right here


and I hand made these chocolate favors- it was actually pretty fun to make- silicone molds from etsy here


one is a storm trooper in white chocolate and the other is darth vader (in dark chocolate)


my favorite part of this is the Storm trooper tossing the baby storm trooper in the air 🙂 got this from Etsy here


the toppers were from this Etsy shop (as you can tell I used quite a bit of Etsy help!)


haha I’m loving the grape light sabers 🙂 between etsy and pinterest there are so many good ideas for Star Wars parties! Here are some cute napkins from Amazon here


the diaper cake centerpieces were done by my friends MIL and are the cutest things ever!


More star wars edible toppers from here


aren’t they the cutest!!


We played some fun baby shower games~ got the printables from here! Also loving the yoda bubble bottle!



this Jedi banner was from here


Surprise guest crashed the party- is that R2D2? Hello there cutie! Got him from here


and a gratuitous shot of Tessa- she’s getting so big!


Everyone had a wonderful time and it was super fun to put together!!

special thanks to mi madre as well!

Easter 2015- and some silk dyed eggs

So I wanted to do one fun egg project for Easter and went to the thrift store to pick up some silk ties since it seems everyone on Pinterest is doing silk dyed eggs (and they looked really pretty)

picked up these beautiesIMG_1606

Seriously they were really pretty ties- if girls could wear ties I’d do it

blew out all of my eggs- which was actually the total highlight of the project since egg blowing is pretty fun!


bought the kit from Amazon


eggs ready to go


wrapped them up tight with the inside of the ties and other extra fabric and rubber bands and boiled them in a crockpot with vinegar

so this is maybe where I steered off course- I let them boil for maybe an hour and then I undid them when they came out of the crockpot immediately- I think if I did it again I would boil them for less time and then take the eggs out and let them cool before removing the wrapping-

They still turned out ok though and it was a REALLY easy egg dying process!

here are the finished eggs!


close ups 🙂




and then we ate!


mi madre’s pretty table setting


lots of sweets 🙂


coconut cake


and paella my FAVORITE



These cuties


had a wonderful Easter!

also wonderful feeling to wake up to Lindsey from Better After talking about my dining/living room makeover- love her blog!


February Catch Up- Gender Reveal Party

Had a gender reveal party for my BFF 🙂 Mardi Gras style


Mustache and Lips straws


Kings Cake with the baby inside!


Salata salads with appetizers-


Love this geometric vase that my mom got from Wisteria


I got the baby!


And it’s a BOY!!!


Had fun celebrating Valentines with this cutie in Fort Worth 🙂


Enjoyed the Reata rooftop bar


and Brewed was awesome-love their decor and food

IMG_1350  Happy Chinese New Year!


February Bridal Shower

So my awesome sister and mother threw a bridal shower for my sister’s friend and they did an AMAZING job


Hand made all of these paper flowers to go on the wall behind the dining room table


Super yummy food with a cute sequin runner from here


Had a cool mimosa bar-use the Silhouette to create all of the letters on the mirrors/vases and other items


My sister found this awesome font that she used to also create her friends wedding invitations


Using the adhesive backed vinyl was such a perfect touch for the project- this printable gold foil would also be perfect for a party


cute thrift store mirror that was perfect for the guest sign in-


LOVED the flowers


my sister hand made the tassle garland as well- she’s almost as crafty as I am 😉


I love this bird chandelier that is over my parents breakfast table- Martha Stewart poms from here


cute favors were different types of loose leaf tea


the beautiful bride!


Etsy January Finds

Etsy is the perfect online place to shop on those dreary days and here is a collection of some items that could be perfect for a rainy, sleepy, hot chocolatey kind of day (which we are having plenty of).

Cozy deer silhouette sweatshirt~perfect to cuddle up in (I want this…)


Deer Sweatshirt by naturwrk on Etsy

Wonder Woman Tom’s to go with my sweatshirt and leggings


Wonder Woman Toms by ShumiDesigns on Etsy

Love this adorable leaf bag- so perfect for work out clothes, laptop or fun socks?


Leafling Bag by LeaflingBags on Etsy.

This is such a cute and delicate cloud necklace!


Silver Cloud Necklace by Susana Teixiera on Etsy

And these gorgeous feather hair pins are so pretty-


Gold Feather Hair Pins by Fancy Pop on Etsy

But this is my favorite item out of everything- this would be sooo cute in a nursery (I’m way ahead of myself)!


Cloud Lamp by NiftyNeat on Etsy

Those are my Etsy finds for January-you can check out my previous Etsy round up posts below!

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