Nicaragua Vacation!

Nicaragua is seriously the most beautiful place ever and we had a blast on our family summer vacation! Flew in with an inexpensive nonstop flight from Dallas to Managua and traveled by rental car from there to hotel Plaza Colon in Granada (I love that I’ve been to Granada Spain and Granada Nicaragua!)


took a horse and carriage tour of the city-there were some awesome old buildings


old hospital- it’s almost like nothing else new was built since the 1800’s-


Also ate some good food (breakfast is where it’s at)

this is called a nacatamal and it was super good

from Granada we went on to our house on the beach which was so fun!


Had amazing waves for surfers (which I am not) those guys are something else out on the waves! I did do some boogie boarding which was fun 🙂

Everyday was ocean, pool, eating amazing food that was hand made by our house staff, golfing, hiking, relaxing and repeat



Unbelievable natural beauty- seriously I want to go back now…


butterflies EVERYWHERE


tons of hermit crabs


we visited the Mukul resort and got some spa time in (hola madre!)- it was amazing


The resort was gorgeous (had the beach -Guacalito de la isla -completely to ourselves) and the guys loved the golf course

There was also an amazing dinner on the beach which had the most AMAZING ribs ever

also had TI sitting at the table next to us which made us feel pretty cool


then we drove over to Leon where we stayed in an old convent turned hotel


seriously cool looking inside


and we went volcano sledding!


it was quite the trek to the top


this was the hardest part of the hike- almost died


and we went sledding down!

it was alot of fun- totally worth the pain of hiking up the volcano- it was also so cool to see a volcano up close! The rocks were still hot to the touch and the volcanic rock was also cool to see in real life-there were even geysers spouting up steam in spots

We had such a blast visiting Nica! Can’t wait to go back some day!

Fun fact: I’m 1/8th Nicaraguan! My great grandfather on my mom’s side traveled to Nicaragua from the USA back when they thought the (now Panama) canal would be built there- He married a local Nicaraguan woman (my great grandmother) and did a lot for the country including designing buildings, advocating for the people of Nicaragua by writing our government letters and running an ice factory (yes they had factories that made ice back in the 1800’s)- a pretty cool dude