Star Wars Baby Shower!

Was so excited to throw a shower for my bestie! I had a Mardi Gras gender reveal party for her in this post

Guests signed the Darth Vader and son children’s book (wish I had read through the book because it looked adorable) from Amazon right here


and I hand made these chocolate favors- it was actually pretty fun to make- silicone molds from etsy here


one is a storm trooper in white chocolate and the other is darth vader (in dark chocolate)


my favorite part of this is the Storm trooper tossing the baby storm trooper in the air ūüôā got this from Etsy here


the toppers were from this Etsy shop (as you can tell I used quite a bit of Etsy help!)


haha I’m loving the grape light sabers ūüôā between etsy and pinterest there are so many good ideas for Star Wars parties! Here are some cute napkins from Amazon here


the diaper cake centerpieces were done by my friends MIL and are the cutest things ever!


More star wars edible toppers from here


aren’t they the cutest!!


We played some fun baby shower games~ got the printables from here! Also loving the yoda bubble bottle!



this Jedi banner was from here


Surprise guest crashed the party- is that R2D2? Hello there cutie! Got him from here


and a gratuitous shot of Tessa- she’s getting so big!


Everyone had a wonderful time and it was super fun to put together!!

special thanks to mi madre as well!


Killing Ivy Softly

IMG_0865 copy

Ugh literally all of my ivy is dying in my porch garden- I’m not quite sure if it needs sunshine or if it can do okay with shade.

It also possibly froze because it did get REALLY cold recently- so I’ll blame it on that…But I bought a lot of white begonias for a charity drive and planted them everywhere!

Along with the new thrift store rug I also brought in a new garden chair, birdcage and used a cigar box for a planter!

IMG_0866 copy

Spray painted the birdcage and put flowers in it

Also brought out a garden side table (made out of a planter stand) and a silver platter (left over from my wedding)

Now I just need to put some art on the wall

IMG_0863 copy

IMG_0861 copy

Cigar box planter!

IMG_0860 copy

Also have been saving Starbucks cappuccino bottles and wanting to use them for centerpiece vases-

will be decorating them like in these awesome pinterest tutorials

Leaning towards the gilded one- so pretty! I also got a gilding kit for Christmas that I need to try out~


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Source: via Liza-Anne on Pinterest

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Source: via Nicole on Pinterest